Add protection and ventilation!

Do you find that you don't use your deck or patio as often as you'd like because the weather isn't cooperating? Retractable awnings are the perfect solution to getting more use out of your outdoor living space! On warm days, they block the sun and keep your patio or deck in the comfort of the shade. On cool days, they can be retracted to let the sunshine warm you up.

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When looking at the pictures below, notice how much shade is created by the awning when it is extended. That shade is saving this customer a lot in air conditioning costs! When the weather turns cold, they can retract the awning and let the sun shine in to cut heating bills.

Let the sun shine in!
Nice and cool in the shade!

Because home designs vary, installing a retractable awning often involves a little engineering. Notice the variety of mounting hardware used in the picture below. Choosing the right mounting hardware and installing it with the proper alignment is critical. J & J has the experience, tools and know-how required to produce the best results!

A variety of mounting hardware can be used

Commercial installation

Great for shade over a deck
Hidden away beneath the overhang
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